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Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair

Like many other appliances in your home or food business, ice makers are subject to problems at some point in the course of their lifetime. If you’ve invested in a top quality ice maker, then chances are you won’t need to worry about frequent breakdowns. But it still does help to know some of the commonest issues that require ice maker repair, as well as what causes them. This knowledge helps you know how to prepare for such problems when they eventually happen. Here are five of the top ice maker troubles you may encounter down the road.

Your ice maker fails to make ice

If you are not getting any ice cubes (or are getting too little of them), then it’s a sure sign that all is not well. Chances are the water line is frozen. To fix the problem, unplug the freezer, then turn off the water supply. Next, defrost the line with a hairdryer. Hold the hairdryer above some distance above the water source so you don’t get an electric shock. As soon as the line is thawed, turn the water line on. If the water does not run into the ice maker or you notice that the water is discolored, have one of our ice maker repair technicians check your machine.

Your ice maker is leaking

If you’re still getting ice cubes but there’s a puddle on the floor under your refrigerator, then you have a leak. It could be that either the refrigerator or the freezer is not perfectly level. If that is the case, make the necessary adjustments. If the machine still continues leaking, then inspect the water supply line for any signs of pinching, damage, or kinks. Next, take a look at the fill cup to ensure that it aligns correctly with the water funnel. If you still have a leak after doing all these, then promptly call a technician.

The appliance is frozen

To make ice cubes, water needs to get to the mold before freezing. If the water is freezing prior to reaching the mold, then it’s likely that you’ve set the temperature lower of the ice maker lower than you should. Refer to the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended temperature, then set your thermostat accordingly.

The water inlet valve has failed

Your ice maker’s water inlet valve is meant to control the water that gets into the ice maker tray. If the water does not get into the ice maker, then it could be that the water inlet valve is faulty. The reason behind that may be that there’s mineral build-up in the valve that obstructs it from releasing water as it should. Another probable cause is electrical failure. A technician should be able to diagnose the exact issue and fix it.

Faulty ice maker assembly

It’s not unheard of for ice makers to exhibit problems with their assembly. Many times, it’s one component of the appliance whose assembly is failing. Other times, it’s the entire assembly that is problematic. If your icemaker gives you trouble and you’ve ruled out all possibilities, then you need to seriously consider having the assembly checked out.

Your ice maker is a complicated machine with many components, so don’t panic when something goes wrong at some point. The good news is that here at Manhattan Beach Appliance Repair Pros, our technicians are always ready to help.

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